PodCamp Denver 3 Was Awesome!

PodCamp Denver 3 is now in the history books.

A special thanks to all our sponsors (see right column) and to all the lucky people who came to experience the learning and community.

Details are not yet confirmed for a 2013 event.


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PodCamp Denver 2012

PodCamp Denver 3, alias PodCamp 2012, was:
Friday, October 5, 2012, 6 – 8 pm and Saturday, October 6, 9 am – 4 pm.

So what is PodCamp about?

PodCamp Denver is The New Media Community Unconference that covers all things new media. There’s something for people of all experience levels. If you have content you want your audience to see, our event is for you. As a group, we choose what we want to learn and ask members to step up to lead sessions. Our weekend will run the spectrum of back end to front end activities, with the purpose of optimizing your business or personal content for others to see.

Each PodCamp includes SEO, branding, video, photography – and yes, some podcasting. Attendees choose what they want to learn on the first night of the weekend.

Attendance is not restrictive. It’s open to anyone already in the new media space or discovering how to start. Generally our attendees are influencers of influencers through social media. We are developers, copywriters, storytellers, photographers, web designers, videographers, podcasters – and people that have big mouths and use their online tools as their speaker box. We are an inclusive bunch and know that diversity is the key to making each PodCamp better with the experiences attendees bring to the table. If you have found yourself reading this then you are welcome to attend.

What does PodCamp look like? Friday night, we’ll plan the schedule for Saturday. As a group, we decide what we want to learn about from each other. By the end of Friday evening, we’ll have a schedule for Saturday. It’s usually two tracks of seminars, lasting about an hour each. You plan your day by choosing what you want to learn and going to those slots. We’ll break for lunch and then continue in the afternoon.